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Baby Alligator Wanders Into Florida Woman's Home

From WFLA - On Sunday, a baby alligator that was believed to be approximately one foot long wandered into a Wesley Chapel, Florida, home before noon. Homeowner Erika Venza and her neighbor used a Swiffer mop and some loud noises to guide the alligator outside.

The two women kept a safe distance away by standing on top of the kitchen counter, a table, and chairs as the gator hissed at them. They stated that they did not want to harm the intruder.

As the alligator walked out her back door and on the patio, Venza, who streamed much of the encounter on Facebook, said, "Bye bro! Thanks for hanging out!"

It is believed that the baby alligator came from a draining pond in Venza's backyard.

Over the weekend, many parts of Florida's Gulf Coast experienced heavy storms and flooding, with tornadoes touching down in some towns. Additionally, alligator mating season has begun in Florida. Between the heavy storms and mating season, it is not uncommon to find alligators in unusual places this time of the year in Florida.

Last week, an alligator that was over 10 feet long was found under a woman's car at a Tampa apartment complex.

Last week, another adult alligator was found in the pool area of a neighborhood in Venice, Florida.

Image from Sazan Powers

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