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June 17 - June 23: Week in Review

Hunter Biden Expected to Plead Guilty: After a five-year investigation, Hunter Biden is expected to plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax crime charges and admit to illegally possessing a firearm while using cocaine.

The two misdemeanor tax crime charges pertain to a failure to pay more than $100,000 in taxes in both 2017 and 2018.

He is expected to agree to drug treatment and monitoring as part of the proposed deal, which is not expected to issue him a prison sentence. Read more at BBC News.

Adam Schiff Censured: After House Republicans fell short of obtaining enough votes on June 14th to censure and fine California Democrat Adam Schiff for his accusations of former President Trump colluding with Russia in the lead-up to the 2016 election, they voted in favor of censuring the outspoken Trump critic on Thursday.

Schiff became the 25th House lawmaker to be censured, a largely symbolic move that serves as a formal condemnation of the representative's behaviors. It also launches an ethics investigation into his conduct.

More than 20 Republicans voted with Democrats in opposing his censure during the initial vote on June 14th over concerns of the provision that could fine Schiff $16 million if the House Ethics Committee determined that he lied. Once that provision was removed, the motion to censure moved forward with enough votes to pass. Read more at BBC News.

Tesla Scores Big on's American-Made Index: Each year,'s American-Made Index analyzes a range of factors to determine just how American your prospective vehicle may be based on the location of final assembly, the percentage of US and Canadian parts, the country of origin for available engines, the country of origin for available transmissions and US manufacturing employees relative to the automaker's footprint.

Taking the top four spots this year for the "most American vehicle" were Tesla's 2023 Model Y, Model 3, Model X and Model S.

Coming in just behind the Tesla models were the Honda Passport, Volkswagen ID.4, Honda Odyssey, Acura MDX, Honda Ridgeline and Acura RDS. Read more at

Lab-Grown Chicken Receives Department of Agriculture Approval: The USDA has granted Upside Foods and Good Meat - two California-based companies - approval to receive federal inspections required for selling cultivated meat and poultry. The Food and Drug Administration had already deemed the food safe for human consumption prior to the USDA's recent announcement. The advancement proves a major step for animal rights advocates, as it avoids many of the harmful effects that come with meat processing plants and slaughtering animals for human consumption.

Upside Foods will debut the new offering at Bar Crenn in San Francisco, and Good Meat will debut their at a yet-to-be-named José Andrés restaurant in Washington, D.C.

Consumers will likely need to wait a couple more years before they will be able to find either offering on store shelves, as neither is approved for retail labels yet. Read more at Axios.

Wagner Group Rebellion in Russia: Russian authorities have called for the arrest of Wagner Group owner Yevgeny Prigozhin over his threats to oust Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. Prigozhin stated that his troops would punish Shoigu in an armed rebellion and urged the army not to offer resistance.

Prigozhin stated that Wagner field camps in Ukraine were struck by rockets, helicopter gunships and artillery fire on orders following a meeting with Shoigu, at which they allegedly vowed to destroy the Wagner Group.

Prigozhin's Wagner Group played a crucial role in Russia's war in taking the city of Bakhmut, but he has since become increasingly critical of Russia's military. He has recently accused them of incompetence and of depriving his troops of adequate weapons and ammunitions. Read more at NPR & Associated Press.

Mass Shootings in US: This week, Gun Violence Archive reported a total of 21 mass shootings resulting in 101 victims injured and 17 victims dead.

Critically-Endangered Blue Whales Make Comeback: The world's largest mammal - the blue whale - has made a noticeable comeback after being spotted off the California coast more frequently. The wales remain on the endangered list after being nearly hunted to extinction in the early 1960s.

It is believed that there were only 600 blue whales were left before the US enacted restrictions on fishing gear and implemented shipping lanes to keep ships away from the whales. Today, it is estimated that there are approximately 2,000 blue whales around Southern California. Read more at KTLA 5.

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