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Navy Medic Shoots Two US Sailors, Suspect Killed At Army Base

From Associated Press and Baltimore Sun - A US Navy medic shot and wounded two US sailors with a rifle inside the Riverside Tech Park military facility on Tuesday. The suspect fled to a nearby US Army base, Fort Detrick, where security forces shot and killed him after he pulled out a gun on them.

Before the suspect, 38-year-old Fantahun Girma Woldesenbet, fled to the Army base at Fort Detrick, gate guards at Fort Detrick received advanced notice to pull him over for a search. When security attempted a search, Woldesenbet allegedly then sped off, making it approximately a half-mile into the installation before he was stopped at a parking lot by the base's security force.

Woldesenbet then pulled out a gun on the security personnel who stopped him. In response, the security personnel shot and killed him.

Both Woldesenbet and the two sailors he wounded were all assigned to Fort Detrick. The two sailors were airlifted to a hospital. Police stated that one victim is in critical but stable condition, while the other sailor is in serious condition but is expected to be released Wednesday.

Brigadier General Michael J. Talley stated that the motives behind the shooting and the motives behind why the suspect returned to the Army base after killing the two Navy sailors were under investigation.

Baltimore Sun reported that law enforcement officials assured that any threat to the community had been mitigated and that police had confirmed Woldesenbet acted alone.

Ava Target, a neighbor of Woldesenbet, stated that Woldesenbet lived on the top floor of their apartment complex with a wife and two kids. Another neighbor, Rachel Tucker, stated that she saw police escort Woldesenbet's wife and kids from the apartment early Tuesday afternoon. Neither neighbor claimed to be aware of anything unusual happening in the Woldesenbet household.

Frederick, Maryland, Police Lieutenant Andrew Alcorn stated that the crime scene unit recovered multiple items from Woldesenbet's apartment, but he declined to disclose the items to the press.

Alcorn confirmed that Woldesenbet's wife was being brought in for questioning.

Image from Baltimore Sun

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