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New Governor Of New York Adds 12,000 Deaths To Publicized COVID Death Count

From Associated Press - On her first day in office, New York Governor Kathy Hochul quietly released records acknowledging nearly 12,000 more deaths due to COVID-19 than the state had previously reported under Andrew Cuomo's administration.

The release of information came after the new governor promised more government transparency and brought New York's total COVID-19 death count to nearly 55,400 deaths.

Hochul stated in a press conference, "Transparency will be the hallmark of my administration."

The Associated Press reported in July on a large discrepancy between the number of COVID-related deaths reported by Cuomo's administration compared with those reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It has been concluded that the count used by Cuomo's administration only included laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 deaths reported through a state system that collects data from hospitals, nursing homes and adult care facilities; thus, the previous tally failed to include people who died at home, in hospice, in state prisons or at state-run homes for people living with disabilities.

Image from Reuters

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