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Senator Ben Sasse To Introduce New-Hire Signing Bonuses To Replace Expanded Unemployment Benefits

From Axios - Republican Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska announced Tuesday that he plans to introduce legislation that would give signing bonuses to new hires who secure jobs by July 4. The signing bonuses would replace the current expanded unemployment benefits and would be equal 101% of two months of the federal enhanced unemployment benefit, with payments being delivered in multiple installments.

Sasse stated, "The emergency UI (unemployment insurance) program is now penalizing people for going back to work. Go back to work, get your signing bonus, and get your paycheck. Let’s get America back to work."

Sasse's statement comes just a few days after a dismal April jobs report, where the U.S. saw unemployment increase by 0.1% and a gain of only 266,000 jobs compared to the anticipated 1 million jobs.

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