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US Aides To Meet With Chinese Officials In Alaska Thursday

From Axios - Secretary of State Tony Blinken and national security adviser Jake Sullivan are expected have their first meeting with two Chinese officials on Thursday in Alaska. The two US aides will be meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and China's top diplomat, Yang Jiechi, to discuss pressing issues between to two nations.

Topics that the US aides plan to discuss at the meeting include:

  • China's crackdown and aggression toward Hong Kong

  • China's alleged genocide on Xinjiang, an autonomous region of China

  • Economic coercion of US allies

  • Cyberattacks on the US

A US official has noted that China has a history of playing favorites within previous administrations and has especially played the US secretary of state and national security adviser against each other in previous administrations; thus, the importance and significance of Blinken and Sullivan attending the meeting together.

While China has allegedly been calling for a new and warmer tone in the relationship between the US and China since President Joe Biden took office, US officials are calling for behavioral change.

US officials are not expecting any major breakthroughs to result from Thursday's meeting. They intend for the meeting to serve mostly as a one-off address concerns between the world's two largest economic forces.

Image from Politico

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